The New 2018 Jeep Wrangler Featuring the Sky One-Touch Power Top

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In November 2017, the official JL in Los Angeles revealed the new Sky One-Touch Power Top featured on the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Since then, people have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new, innovative top that eliminates the hassle of the previous bulky tops while still delivering that same open-air feeling.


The new Sky One-Touch Power Top allows drivers to open and close it automatically with the touch of a button without having to worry about removing the hard top or struggling with the bulky soft top framework. The Sky Power Top operates on a track system that is powered by switches near the driver’s sun visor. It slides back and stacks above the rear windows when opened, and another push of the button closes it securely where it latches against the front windshield and provides a water-tight seal. The Sky Power Top can even close with the vehicle in motion up to 60 miles per-hour.  


Drivers never have to worry about younger passengers getting hurt with the new Sky One-Touch Power Top as sensors were included that can detect anything in the way and will automatically stop until the obstacle has been removed.


While the Sky One-Touch Power Top is not completely removable from the Wrangler, the rear windows can be removed instead by undoing a few latches, which opens the cabin area even more and provides more of an open-air feeling. 


With the Sky One-Touch Power Top, drivers never have to worry about the weather. If it starts to rain, all they have to do is simply press the button to close the top, keeping the interior of the Wrangler dry without the hassle of dealing with a bulky top.  


As of now, the Sky One-Touch Power Top is only available on the Wrangler JL Unlimited Sahara or Rubicon 4-door models.  

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